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Countless brochures present the magic of the Maldives – a garland of coral island atolls strewn in the Indian Ocean, dipping down to the equator.

You’ve seen the turquoise blue seas lapping pristine white sands under the leaning coconut palms. And although the brochure photos are usually horrifically colour-adjusted, and the text somewhat clichéd and overblown, what's rare is that the place itself is even more idyllic than the brochures would have you believe. It’s my favourite place in the world.

Once you’ve been or lived in the Maldives, you begin to appreciate quite how unique it is. Holidaymakers forget what dayforget what day it is completely because they are so subsumed by the moment. Others come back year after year to the same small island because they have discovered an absolute gem.

This goes on, month after month, and if you want to experience it too it helps to know a few things about the holidayholiday experience in Maldives first. That’s why I’ve written this guide – to help you know what to look for. After that, my resort reviews will help you find just the right one for you.

Local knowledge

On the ground, for example, you begin to appreciate the local law that no building be higher than the tallest palm. You discover that (most) resorts are the only thing on their islands – wonderful, private treats. And as you dip into the water you soon learn the joy of multiple cuts through to the reef, and moments later that the divingdiving is among the best in the world.

I’ve tried to explain some of the more obvious things, like the differences between beachbeach and water bungalows and why you don’t need to pack insect repellent. But I’ve aimed as well to illuminate the more seasoned traveller, on what to visit in Male, in which channels to find specific fish, and the advantages of naturally occurring over pumped sand.

image008Have the Best Experience of The Maldives

It’s hard to have a bad holiday in the Maldives. It’s safe, warm, picturesque and has very high standards of hospitality. But the resorts, and atolls, and seasons are all different. I hope that browsing these pages helps you to find out what the Maldives is really like – and how to experience it at its best.

If you are looking for particular features or facilities in your Maldivian resort you might like to consider buying or borrowing my guide ‘Resorts of the Maldives’.

I updated this in 2014 and have personally visited and reviewed every resort in the Maldives.

Each resort is reviewed in some depth and beautifully photographed to give you a clear idea of exactly what you will get.

I have also rated every resort so you can easily see where each resort rates on price and room density.

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Adrian Neville - Seven Holidays : Your Guide to the MaldivesAdrian Neville lived in the Maldives and writes the definitive guide book: "Resorts of Maldives", now in its fifth edition. Having tirelessly reviewed every single resort, he is now continually asked ‘which is the best Maldives Hotel for my holidayholiday or vacationvacation?’ Enter – his comprehensive independent guide to Maldives holidaysholidays and how to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resortshow to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resorts