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Welcome to the SevenHolidays website. Our aim is to help you choose the perfect Maldives resort that will give you the perfect Maldives holidayholiday. We are entirely independent, with no vested interest other than making sure you get the best possible Maldives vacationvacation.

Adrian Neville, this site’s founder and author, has personally visited, rated and photographed every single resort in the Maldives, and many other islands besides. These include all the 5 star luxury Maldives resorts through to the cheapest Maldives resorts (that’s relative, of course; Maldives is never cheap).

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Maldives Resorts Guide All Inclusive HolidaysAll Inclusive Holidays

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Maldives Resorts Guide for Honeymoons HolidaysHoneymoons

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Maldives Resorts Guide for Best BeachesBest for Beaches

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Maldives Resorts Guide for Best DivingBest for Diving

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About the Author

Adrian Neville - Seven Holidays : Your Guide to the MaldivesAdrian Neville lived in the Maldives and writes the definitive guide book: "Resorts of Maldives", now in its fifth edition. Having tirelessly reviewed every single resort, he is now continually asked ‘which is the best Maldives Hotel for my holidayholiday or vacationvacation?’ Enter SevenHolidays.com – his comprehensive independent guide to Maldives holidaysholidays and how to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resortshow to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resorts

About the Maldives

Whether you love the beachbeach, the spa, sunset cocktails, snorkelling or SCUBA divingdiving you want to find the best resorts in the Maldives for your preferences. Choosing the wrong resort can be a costly mistake because you can’t check out and go down the road to another one.

We know that finding the best Maldives holidayholiday for you can be tricky, with so many resorts to choose from and no obvious way to decide between them. Every resort website looks amazing and every travel agent site goes on about the crystal clear waters lapping the soft white sandy beachesbeaches etc but give little in the way of critical help. That’s where we come in.

This site will help you select the best resort to meet all your wishes and preferences, be it a luxury Maldive resort island, an all-inclusive Maldives honeymoon island or somewhere with a kids’ club and a great house reef for your snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

Our aim is simple:

“To help you choose the right Maldives resort, for a perfect Maldives holiday.”