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Not much more than five years ago there weren’t any spas in the Maldives. But once the first one had been established, the idea took off like wildfire at the end of a dry summer. It was such a natural fit that everyone wondered why it hadn’t happened much sooner.

Now it is a rare resort that doesn’t have something resembling a spa, even if it’s a little thatched building on the beachbeach with two massage tables (which is perfect for a barefoot, rustic resort). The addition ‘& Spa’ to a resort’s name is now pretty much redundant and doesn’t necessarily signify a great facility.


Destination spas

At the top end some spas are special enough to be defined as ‘destination spas’. These have enough renown to attract aficionados from around the world to choose their holidayholiday on that basis alone. This very top bracket would consist of ‘The Spa Retreat’ at Conrad Maldives, the ‘Shambhala Retreat’ on Cocoa Island and the ‘Jiva Grande Spa’ at Taj Exotica, a resort which also specialises in haute cuisine. Perhaps Huvafen Fushi makes it into this group too.

Top ranking too, but not quite destination spas, would be those on Soneva Fushi, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, and the One & Only and Angsana resorts.

The spas on many other resorts are fantastic for where they are and what they offer. Furthermore, new resorts and spas are constantly being opened. I would love to hear about your experience when you visited the Maldives.

Spas for the novice

For many the Maldives is the first time they visit a spa. It is such an essential part of the scene here –slowing down, enjoying the beautiful environment and letting the staff look after you.

You will usually need to book a time for your treatment. Spas get busy and you’ll soon pick up when the most popular times are. Then, when you turn up, you’ll be greeted in the spa reception with a menu of treatments from which to choose. Sessions are usually around an hour in length, costing anything from $40 to $120, with an average of say $60.

Just about all spas now have double treatment tables so you can enjoy a massage alongside your partner. Some even teach you how to massage each other. Another thing that many offer are specific rehydrating  treatments for sunburn and following divingdiving.

Afterwards it is dressing gown on, and sink glowingly into a comfy chair in the spa lounge with a cup of tea.

Even for those who would normally avoid this sort of thing I can’t stress enough how much it is worth doing. It gets you into the mood of the place and relaxes you to enjoy the Maldives as it should be.    

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