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Water and soft drinks

All the water in the taps and the showers in every resort is desalinated, produced by each resort’s own treatment plant. This means it is drinkable. A few resorts, notably the Italian ones, have a sign next to the sinks saying ‘non potabile’, perhaps in an effort to sell more bottles of water. It is potable. At least one all-inclusive resort informs people prominently that the water is drinkable, perhaps in an effort to give away fewer bottles.

Just like in pubs, fruit juices are overpriced. A lime or lemon juice, or better still, a lime soda, is just the thing to rehydrate and pep you up. The fruits are common and dirt cheap throughout the region, the drink is a cinch to make, yet you will be charged $6 - $12 for a glass. Ah well. Pineapple and mangoes in season are also cheap and make good juices.



When it comes to alcohol, beer dominates. Heineken and Carlsberg are well-known brands, Singaporean Tiger is an excellent beer,  as are Lion from Sri Lanka and San Miguel from the Philippines. It is a matter of chance what your resort stocks, but if you have a preference or a suggestion for a change, do tell the Food and Beverage Manager. He or she always likes feedback.

The light beers, or more accurately lagers, are what seems right in the tropics. You want refreshment over depth, complexity and strength.


Many resorts have a cocktail hour and all have a comprehensive cocktail menu.  There is no local or regional alcohol of any note – except for the Sri Lankan whisky-like arrack – but choosing a cocktail with coconut, pineapple and lime mixes will get you into the spirit of things. You might even try a Maldivian Lady.

For everyday drinking that isn’t beer, let me recommend two simple cocktails. The first is a good gin and tonic – plenty of ice and a thick slice of lemon to offset the sweetness. It might be a tropical cliché , perhaps even with colonial connotations, but very often it is just right. The other is a frozen margherita. When the mix is correct, the ice is finely crushed and the salt goes around the rim, it is the perfect sip.



There is a wine that is right for every occasion. Unfortunately most resorts stock just a couple of reds and a couple of whites which are not great and not well priced. This is a real shame and more words with the Food and Beverage manager would be in order if this is the case on your resort.

On the other hand, the top end resorts are fiercely competing with each other for bragging rights. Six or seven of them have underground cellars stocking 5,000 and more bottles. Sommeliers are on hand to discuss and recommend, to lead wine tasting sessions and to host wine-led five course dinners.

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