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Best Maldives All Inclusive holiday and vacation packages

Best Maldives All Inclusive Holiday Vacation Resorts

There are All-Inclusives and there are All-Inclusives. And there are these 7these 7. Avoid being disappointed or even annoyed by reading carefully what is being offered in the all-inclusive package and finding out what is not being said.


If you know what’s coming, this can be a stress free and enjoyable way to go through your holidayholiday.


It is not true that all-inclusive deals are only available for the cheaper resorts. Athuruga and Thudufushi are fairly expensive and they are all-inclusive only.


In their prices you get fine cuisine and everything included down to the cigarettes. Indeed, the premium all-inclusive resort is one of the most successful set of resorts of them all. These would be Lily Beach, Constance Moofushi, Centara Grand and Atmosphere Kanifushi.


At the other end of the scale, all-inclusive might me three rudimentary buffets a day and as much cheap beer as you can drink.


What to expect for drinks?

The key wording on alcohol in the packages is ‘premium brands’. If you don’t get premium brands then you will get cheap beer (at the bottom end, cans of Amstel) and Sri Lankan gin and brandy, which are best taken heavily disguised in cocktails. Even when promised premium brands they could be the cheapest of the range. There is always a restriction on the types of drinks offered, but this may still be a generous range – or not.

Other restrictions to look out for are the times when drinking is allowed. There may be a start time and there will usually be a finish time. At least one resort even has a separate restaurant and bar for their all-inclusive clients. This may sound exclusive but guests often end up feeling excluded themselves, away from the life of the resort.

On non-alcoholic drinks, it is common that all-inclusive guests are restricted to canned drinks only. That is, the usual fizzies and canned juices. It is a shame that fresh local fruit juices are not offered, at least.


What else is included?

Most all inclusive packages will include some things over and above so-called free drinks. At the minimum this will be one island hopping and one night fishing trip. This may be per holiday or per week. More generous resorts will give a dolphin watching trip as well.


Other benefits which some resorts give to all-inclusive guests are free snorkelsnorkel gear for the duration of the holiday, snorkelling trips, some free catamaran and windsurfing time and at least one special dinner.


The Madlivan all-inclusive holiday has been steadily growing in popularity and it is seen as a win-win situation for guests and resorts. It is a topic worth a prolonged discussion elsewhere on this site.


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