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Like the flora (palm trees, screw pine and salt tolerant shrubs being the bulk) the fauna list of the Maldives is remarkably limited. Many of the resort islands are completely sprayed to ward off insects, which keeps the animals away too.

You’ll see a few more species on resorts where care has been taken to keep the environment friendly to animals and plants. These are identified in the top 7 green list and I mention any unusual sightings in the resort reviews.

Still, the country as a whole has little wildlife above the water: only a handful of reptile species (two geckoes, two lizards, two non-venomous snakes, one frog and one toad) and one type of bat. Insects don’t fare much better but spiders are numerous (though not in resort rooms).

Domestically, there are a few cats and goats but no pigs, for religious reasons, and no dogs for, well, I’m  not sure why. Religious reasons are sometimes given but not convincingly.




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There are a good number of bird species found – approximately 170 – but, like the human tourists, most of them are winter visitors from Europe. The only land birds likely to be seen are the crow, the koel (with its remarkable scream) and the white-breasted water hen, which nests under low bushes.

The large grey heron is a common site in the resorts and there are twelve other, far less common species of herons. Two frigate birds breed in the Maldives, as do two noddies, the Audubon’s shearwater and the glorious white-tailed tropicbird. Addu atoll in the deep south of the country has the beautiful fairy tern, one of several terns that can be found.

In most cases birds seem to be of little interest to the islanders, with one exception. When the sea birds all swoop down to feed at a particular spot in the ocean it is an important sign to the fishermen. The birds are picking off shrimp and small fish which are chased to the surface as tuna hunt below. Ninety percent of tuna caught are located in this fashion.

If you are keen to be on an island with native birds then have a look at the eco-friendly resorts. But if you really want to witness an incredible world of fascinating creatures, Maldives is the place to do it – you’ll just need to don a wetsuit or pick up a snorkelsnorkel and swim to the reef.

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