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Every resort has a divedive school and a water sports centre. Diving, snorkelling and surfing I’ve covered in detail elsewhere.



Water sports

The water sports centre will offer canoeing, windsurfing and catamaran sailing as a minimum. Kitesurfing is the other non-powered sport that is catching on. However, all these are not frequently used, at least partly because during the high season months the wind is often non-existent. For the experienced windsurfer or sailor the southwest monsoon (May to November) provides the more windy months.

Resorts with large lagoons are the best for water sports because even if the sea is choppy it will be much calmer inside. And while an experienced person may go off sometimes for kilometres in the same, safe lagoon, a novice can stay in the shallows and fall off only up to his or her waist.

If you want something with an engine, choose carefully, as most resorts do not run powered sports (the top 7 activetop 7 active list will help). Those that do can offer anything from the simple pleasures of banana boat rides and tubes or rings to the thrills of waterskiing, paragliding and jet ski.

Staying on the water theme, some resorts have daily aqua aerobics on their exercise list, or a water polo session in the pool. It is the Italian resorts and the big, more familyfamily-oriented resorts that put more effort into these activities.

Surfing is increasing as part of the Maldives experience, as dedicated and experienced surfers begin to put the best breaks on the map. Surf safaris are growing in popularity to cater for these, although a few resorts – those blessed with a good break over their own reef or proximity to the best sites – are trying to build surfers into their clientele.



Most resorts have a table tennis table and some will organise a competition night. Tennis, badminton and even squash can be found, but they raise the question how much of this you want to do in a hot and humid environment where everybody else is smooching around at a snail’s pace. The same goes for gyms, which are frequently found on resorts. They seem a good idea but are mostly only frequented by Canadian seaplane pilots.

Football once a week against the staff is good fun, but the only real sports winner is the sunset volleyball match on the beachbeach, ideally outside the bar.




Inside the bar, you’ll occasionally find pool, snooker and table football. The main evening entertainments are also found here. These will be a cultural night featuring the last of the traditional Maldivian musical forms – the bodu beru (big drum), a crab race, a live band and maybe a karaoke night, sarong competition night, a staff show and, of course, a disco or two. 

Spas are something different and pleasurable that, with anticipation before and relaxation afterwards, can take up a good part of an afternoon or evening.


Special dinners


Talking of anticipation, pleasure and relaxation takes us on to special dinners. For an extra charge guests can partake of the special dinners that are held a couple of times a week. They will be in a separate setting to the main restaurant, sometimes on the beach. Generally they will be a special seafood night, a lobster night and a barbecue night.

The top resorts do seriously swanky things like five to seven course dinners accompanied by select wines and hosted by the sommelier. The Conrad is the only one I know that also has a cheese specialist hosting events.

Dinner for two is the other special option. Apart from the level of service (rising to a personal chef and maitre d’), the main variation is where the dinner takes place. This might be candlelit on your veranda, on the beach somewhere around the island, on the jetty or at the end of a groynegroyne in the lagoon. It might also be on another island altogether.

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