Are There Any Dangers?
Seven Holidays - Your Guide to Maldives Resorts & Holidays

The Maldives is a remarkably safe place to go on holidayholiday. Here's why:


No insects or malaria

There is no malaria. Although infamous historically among travellers and traders, malaria was eradicated in the 1980’s and has been kept out since.

You're not even likely to be bitten on your resort, as most islands are completely sprayed regularly and there is little or no standing water.You won't come across anything else that will sting, bite or nip you (I have, very, very occasionally come across sandflies). Most holidaymakers don’t take insect repellent, unless they want it for visiting local islands.

Few island hazards

You need not even worry about the coconuts. Although falling coconuts kill and injure people in all the countries where the palms are grown, on the Maldives' resorts teams go out to bring down the coconuts before they are ready to drop. 

The only thing really to watch out for is the sun. Many tourists let their guard down on more cloudy days or forget to use protection when they are in the water, and get burnt.


On an island, with one or two boats connecting each day, it is easy to monitor who is arriving and leaving and when. Combined with the genial, trustworthy nature of the Maldivian people this means that you and your belongings are perfectly secure. Besides, nearly every room now has a safe for your valuables for that added sense of security.

Crime is so low in Maldives that there is nothing to worry about when visiting other islands, the bustling capital Male included.


Little need for medical assistance

Perhaps the most telling thing about doctors in the Maldives is that in all my years visiting the resorts I’ve never once come across a need for them.

However it's good to know that you're covered for that one event in a thousand. Italian resorts are insistent in this regard. They demand that a doctor be present every week of the year. They are not usually resident but rather a rotation of doctors staying at the resort for a holiday themselves – during which they are on call for the other guests.

Other resorts are less insistent. They may or may not have a doctor on the island. Resort staff are trained in first aid.

Under the water image011

Finally, under water there are a few things of which to beware, but again, they rarely harm anyone. There is no history of sharkssharks or other predators attacking (unless titan triggerfish count!), so it’s more a case of not touching the stinging coral or poisonous fish. If you are stung you will be treated at your resort by the divedive base staff.

I've included more detail in Staying Safe Under Water, where you&'ll also read that the professional dive staff on all resorts know full well how to handle any more serious divingdiving-related conditions, such as decompression sickness.

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